Free bible distribution ministries in india

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Free bible distribution ministries in india

Share your faith and use your spiritual gifts to build up Indian believers. Translation and publication of the Comic Book Bible in Telugu, Oriya and Malayalam languages was already completed. India is the world’s second most populous country* and one of the fastest growing economies with great cultural, religious and linguistic diversity. Inauguration of Christian Bible App to the Apple iOS mobile platform by Dr. The distribution of the first one billion Bibles and New Testaments by Gideon members spanned 93 years (1908 to 2001). Free Books and Articles in Other Languages.

84% of the total world population. John Philipose who is the Founder and President and his wife Annamma Philipose. Obtaining free Bibles may be possible. Harvest India meets daily practical needs of the people around us who are sick, outcast and destitute in many ways. Through VOM's Bibles Unbound program, you can become directly involved in meeting this vital need.

Nair about India. This second billion was attained in less than 14 years (2002 to 2015). Still, there are many people who can benefit from having their own personal Bible. Our ministry in India is made possible through a partnership with South India Baptist Bible College in Coimbatore, India. Please remember that Bible Senders is a donor supported ministry and while we can’t promise that we will meet your bulk free bible needs we will do our best to work with you as long as we have the resources available.

***News Release*** The Tide® Ministry Goes Beyond Radio Airwaves to Impact Communities in India Seekers’ Conferences, Social Work, Village Cleanup, Literature Distribution, Bible Courses and Health Awareness All Part of Outreach CHAMBERSBURG, Pa. The best VBS (Vacation Bible School) are ones that use a learning center model and that are flexible. The median age in India is 26. Read More Digital Bible apps and thematic online Scripture Journeys provide a way for people to search for answers to their deepest questions in God’s life-changing Word. Listen to Christian radio ministry broadcasts, programs, and sermons from pastors, speakers like John MacArthur, Adrian Rogers, Beth Moore, David Jeremiah.

It all started with a humble beginning in the year 1951 in a small room in Triplicane area in the Chennai City, the capital of the Southern State, Tamilnadu. View Those In Need Of Free Rosary Resources. FOFCM is a non-profit charitable organization (501 c 3) whose purpose is to support foreign and domestic Christian missionaries who hold to our basic doctrinal beliefs and to distribute free Bibles and literature. The computerized texts will be made available over the internet in PDF and text form. 16th Lok Sabha Council of Ministers - Complete list of Ministers of India, List of Narendra Modi's Cabinet Ministers of India 2014 and 2017 (reshuffled cabinet) with their portfolios and Ministers Bible Distribution.

Scott’s original vision to get God’s Word into every home in India so they could experience the life transformation which is only possible through the Gospel. The cost to place a durable Telegu Bible in the hands of a Christian convert is just $6! Telegu is the native tongue of this area in India. 9 years. Since God put me a burden in my heart, here we are to give out free bibles to people who are really interested to know about the Love of God and Truth. Search through our comprehensive listing of ministries and charities working together to reach the world for Jesus Christ.

Free Christian Resources to grow in your spiritual life and change lives of others! Download and use this PDF of Tamil One Year Bible Serve in Northern India as a Missions Intern! Work with Bible students or village children and youth. Then the walls, a roof, and a fresh coat of paint. The following list of VBS materials are free downloads. For this reason, we are sharing our Daily Bible Reading Calendar to help guide you through reading the Bible in a year. “When Jesus spoke again to the people, he said, “I am the light of the world.

It is an honorable and trust-worthy ministry of getting the Word of God into the hands of the Nigerian people who have no Bible. As mentioned by Pastor, 60% of the believers can’t afford to have a bible and that makes their lifes hard to strengthen in Christ. In Kishushe, the Bible is rare with only 1 bible in 20households. HarvestCall supports the Rural Gospel and Medical Missions of India (RGMMI), which is itself under the oversight of the Apostolic Christian Church's elder body. Mission: To operate exclusively for religious and charitable purposes to spread the gospel of jesus christ througout the world.

World: Around the world, American Bible Society’s financial partners support Scripture distribution projects organized by our on-the-ground partners from United Bible Societies Free Bible Ministry report with pictures from India and Cameroon HERE. India Bible Literatures translates, produces, and distributes Bible in India as a means to advance the Kingdom of God in the country. com - Ministry Click on Buttons Below to Access Other Categories Free Bible - Free Bibles from The United States Bible Society - The Worlds largest supplier network of free Bibles in Print, Free Audio Bibles, and Free Electronic Bibles Free Scripture Resources. You may request a FREE copy of the Bible from Bus Stop Bible Studies. Also helped with other church expansion projects.

Astounding testimonies from Plant a Church a Day Ministries in India: Church Plant in Tiria Church Plant in Nandahandi Church Plant in Koleng. We are producing a Christian television programs in India, in Tamil, Teligu, and English, under the title Saving Hands. Either you can be a Christian, Non-Christian or a Secret Christian but if you wish to hold a bible in your hand, Then Jesus Christ is there for you to give a Free Bible through us. Request your free New Testament Bible today. Now Ordering a Free Bible is as Easy as 1-2-3 1) Simply Fill out the Form Below.

We build Churches in the remote village areas where for nearly 20-30 nearby villages do not have a Church. We offer the Bible as a free gift with no charge for the Bible. If you have the means and like to send materials to missionaries and people involved in apostolate work as well as individuals, such as rosary beads, scapulars and other holy items, please click on the titles below that request those items. Sponsor A Book. Pages in category "Government ministries of India" The following 55 pages are in this category, out of 55 total.

In line with our mission to make the life changing wisdom of the Bible understandable and accessible to all, this project, launched in January this year, focuses on the distribution of our resources in English and six Indian languages to people who cannot afford to pay for them. These free bible tracts were designed and printed by Tracts4u. Visit! Since 1997 our DPM-India Office in Trichy and distributor in Delhi have printed over 1. We are committed to changing the ideology of the Islamic World by providing the Holy Bible in their spoken language and then engaging them in discipleship programs. No profit from the distribution of these Bibles will be sought and they are not and will not be copyrighted.

These Bible studies are made available through the printed page, in new interactive electronic formats, audio and in Braille. We have known of congregations with only one Bible, where the pastor was required to ask permission from the church in order to carry the Bible with him during missionary journeys to other villages. Historical Setting 2. Due to rising costs, the model for distribution of God’s Word had to change. History.

We thank and praise God who was gracious on us to continue the vision till now and distribute 19,164,438 Scripture Materials during the year 2015. We also donated previously these designated Bible Funds: • To Far Reaching Ministries for digital Bibles in Central Africa • To the Good News Center ministry for distribution of Bibles in India • To Uncharted Ministries for digital Bibles for Middle East / Central Providing Free Web Pages for Churches, Ministries, and Charities Since 1995 Free Bibles Distributing Ministries A5A - 93, IInd Floor, Janatha Flats, Janakpuri, New Delhi-58, INDIA • New Delhi, New Delhi 110058 • India • +91 9891950003 • /see/charmin/CM08852 We are a campus-based ministry run by college students who are dedicated to fulfilling the Great Commission. Jesus Family Tamil Church Calvary temple, 3436 Winchester Road, Allentown, PA 18104. We seek all means available to share the love of Jesus Christ with others. We are based in New Zealand, and are a small non-profit christian organisation wanting to aid fellow believers to witness and share the gospel of Jesus Christ through tract distribution.

India has the Most— Compared to other nations, India has the most destitute, illiterate people, the most malnourished people, especially children, the most people living in modern slavery, the most people without access to clean water, the most discarded people, and the most people living without hope. 2 billion, but OC India has very few missionaries: 9 in India, 2 in Nepal. The efficient operation style places a Bible in the hands of people for only $3. Literary Context 3. 2014 saw the highest number of printed Bibles ever distributed by Bible Societies around the world.

Part of the ongoing work as funds allow, IVCM pastors give Bibles to those who cannot otherwise afford a copy of their own. Bible teaching Discipleship training Residential children’s homes Marriage retreats Conferences for pastors and ministry leaders Vocational training Follow-up camps ACTION kids clubs Church-planting among the poor Word of God Ministries. They will be more than willing to provide a copy of the Word of God and offer other spiritual India population is equivalent to 17. Causes: International Relief. Worldwide Directory of Ministries & Charities.

Spread the Word Ministries is a God-called and God-anointed ministry. Traveling back from a November audio Bible distribution, we were on south India roads well after Free Bible Distribution in Pakistan by Christ for All Nations Ministries Pastor Saqib Munawar Ready Made Ladies Garment Factory Business in Pakistan & in India | Azad 26:39. Through their gracious welcome, we have had numerous opportunities to minister to national pastors and establish a master's level training program within the college. Bible Conferences. • 1,300 to Christian Library International for distribution in prisons.

Bible Engagement: Bible Society of India runs several innovative ministries that bring the Bible to life beyond the written page. We thank and praise God who was gracious on us to continue the vision. Pope founded BEAMS (Bible Education and Missionary Service). SPREAD THE WORD. Whoever follows me will never walk in darkness, but will have the light of life” (John 8:12, NIV).

Ministry Programs Providing God’s Word in a way that can be understood and believed, Project Philip Bible studies and training lead to new life in Jesus Christ, new churches planted, and new hope for those eager to read God’s Word. Distribution of Scripture Materials – 2015 The prime vision for India Bible Literature from the day it was started in 1975 was to place a Bible in every home in India. 1 million English books, and 1. God’s Vision Ministries was formed to spread the “Word of God” to believers and nonbelievers in the Urdu speaking world. One of our most significant ministries since 2002 has been to supply over 93,000 Bible College Graduates with a gift pack of Derek’s books at their graduation services.

Stott. Work is in progress to translate and publish inHindi, Tamil and Gujarati languages. Order a Free Bible Here from - Bibles4Free. Soldiers Bible Ministry is a member of the HGIM Global Network, a subsidiary of Heart of God International Ministries, a 501(c)3 not for profit organization, dedicated to transparency and integrity in finances, ministry, and spiritual leadership. com Request a Free Bible.

“It’s a really great opportunity for people who may be are not really into church, it’s a cool opportunity to just enjoy and have a nice time even if you’re not super religious,” Kalyn said. Shipping to USA addresses is also free. Already we have distributed more than 20000 of New Testament bible in the villages and schools. However, fulfillment is not guaranteed. But all of these life experiences built upon each other to prepare Alim for another ministry as well—one that is conducted entirely in secret.

We are on various international satellite and cable networks around the world with millions of veiwers. Bible Conferences Gallery. Ministry Partnerships. Sanma ( South Asia Native Missionary Alliance) offering holy Book Bible in 5 Indian languages which are Hindi, Malayalam, Oryia, Telugu & Gujrati. We consider the training of indigenous missionaries, pastors, and evangelists to be one of the greatest privileges entrusted to us by God.

We reach out specially to Jail Prisoners, because thats whether a change should be brought & been in there they can repent for their sins. Contact us by phone, email, or arrange to come for a visit. * Helped with funding and/or to build 2 new churches in India. FREE BIBLES AVAILABLE FROM BUS STOP BIBLE STUDIES. Support a Distribution Center.

If you plan on distributing Bibles to others or using a lot of them for a church function, you may be able to get a large number of them for free. a Teacher to answer questions via email; a Certificate of Completion for each course you pass successfully Related searches: bible cross christian worship people Find historic church art and small chapels in our broad collection of traditional church images. Download Calendar The Gideon Bible App We also want to make sure the Bible is available to you at all times. Few people have had the impact upon the world for good and for God like the pastor of Atlanta’s First Baptist Church and the founder and president of In Touch Ministries. First, the foundation.

All info of Government of India Ministries and departments is now available. These tangible acts of mercy build relationships with people and deepen the ways we can grow together. S. VISION. The ministries we assist say their biggest need is Bibles.

We need to live lives of integrity, honesty, and excellence. Bible Distribution Gallery This aspect of Bible distribution is taking into account the many Christians in the foreign field who do not own a Bible. In partnership with God’s Word for the World ministries, the Comic Book Bible was translated into Indian languages for distribution to children. org. The Lutheran Hour – India is the pioneer Organization in the field of Christian Mass Media Ministry in India.

Since 1971, Bibles For The World has made God’s Word available — free of charge — to millions upon millions of people in more than 115 countries across the globe. Interior Church Ministries invites you to learn all about us. New Life Gospel International Ministries distributes the Holy Bibles to the poorest people, who are unable to afford a single copy of the Bible, for their personal or family use. Our Daily Bread University is a premier provider of free biblical online courses to students all around the world. We do this through the distribution of Bibles in any language for students seeking the word.

This training takes its most personal form in our annual and semi-annual Bible conferences that are held in the countries where it is most needed. Bibles in Telugu Language Engage People with God. We want all to know of this need and encourage those who can participate to help provide this priceless gift to an a Indian Christian who cannot acquire the words of life on their own. International shipping available at additional prices. at 1.

Today, through your support, Alim directs one of the largest Open Doors Bible distribution facilities in all of Central Asia. All materials are sent without cost. . In addition to these, according to Matthew 25:40, we extend our help to orphan kids, destitute and widows. The Gideons International is the result of a meeting between two men who wished to band commercial travelers together for evangelism.

Nearly 34 million full Bibles were distributed, a rise of 6% over 2013’s figures, and 14% higher than the number distributed in the first year of the decade. Sanma also sells Bibles to the retailors and to other ministries. It is supported by Christian Churches and individuals who believe in global evangelism. Every human being should be within walking distance of a good, biblical church. Terms of image use.

Extreme Assignment A 10 month apprenticeship/gap year program, where students earn an Associate Degree in Christian Ministry. Phase Three. Even as you read this Web page, our field workers are collecting names of people who are waiting to receive a Bible or have requested a Bible to share with others. Dear Readers, the List of Ministers and their Ministries were given here below along with short memory tricks. Serve in Northern India as a Missions Intern! Work with Bible students or village children and youth.

Fulfilling the Great Commission takes more than steeples, bricks and mortar. If you are in need of a Bible, don’t hesitate to ask a church for what you need. Other names for the Telugu language: (Andhra, Berad, Dasari, Dommara, East Godaveri, Gentoo, Golari, Guntur, Kamathi, Komtao, Konda-Reddi LIVE IN A COMMUNITY WITHOUT A CHURCH Some may have heard the Gospel and given their lives to Christ, but they have no place to worship and no way to understand the Bible. . Free Word Ministries is currently receiving Gospels of John free of charge from Absolutely Free, Inc.

The spiritual work in India revolves around three main church locations and numerous prayers halls in the rural areas. ATLANTA —Many positive things can be said of Dr. In partnership with the Canadian Bible Society, Bus Stop Bible Studies is offering FREE BIBLES in many different languages. India. The English Evangelism Coordinator and House Church Planter will form a team to promote English-based evangelism, friendship with Spaniards and/or Zambia: PLD Pastoral Training Instructor The PLD Pastoral Training Instructor will encourage pastors and church leaders in Lusaka, Zambia, towards godliness in character, while imparting See what’s happening in the ministry by reading the latest edition of AWM’s Gospel Truth magazine.

Bible resources for Telugu. Church Service. This is one of our key strategies in reaching the lost and building souls in salvation with the true word of God. The Gideons International has just surpassed the two billion mark in distributing Bibles and New Testaments. We call it Saturation Mapping.

You can provide a Bible or Scripture portion to people in their own language in countries across the globe. However, sometimes we just don’t have enough free bibles or the funds to ship bibles in bulk. Know about Christian Media Centre. Third Millennium Ministries extends an open hand in every way possible with other evangelical organizations. For some indigenous people groups who learn primarily through oral tradition, audio Bibles are available in their native language.

We have a mission to Kishushe in Taita Taveta, this December and we were looking for ways you can help us have the Bible (Both New and Old testament) for distribution. Since English is in wide use around the world, many in foreign countries want English Bibles. Know about all the Ministries of India from agriculture to steel & textiles. We encourage you to freely download and circulate them. Many of these books have been translated into various languages, and are available in electronic form.

A. We have been blessed with faithful and generous ministry partners (a few families, local churches, ministries, and a Bible Society abroad) who have been sending us on a regular and semi-regular basis an assortment of Bibles and books which we sort and pack into smaller boxes and send free of charge to the individuals and churches in our growing “When Jesus spoke again to the people, he said, “I am the light of the world. slum kids. Feed your faith with daily devotions that highlight the unconditional love and grace of God. Ordination is Available.

Many Haitians who want a Bible do not have one. P. God will bless your commitment of support to this ministry in distributing and preaching the gospel around. “New Life Gospel International Ministries” is a non-profit charitable organization, working in one of the poorest states in India with a real heart & vision to reach rural villages and stands as one of the major vehicle to take the word of God to the corners of this great Nation – India. This generous organization has supplied millions of copies of scripture in several different languages (English, Russian, French, Dutch, Arabic) all around the world.

The church in Dallas has partnered with Bibles for America to offer free copies of the New Testament to our friends, neighbors, and fellow Christians in Dallas. Audio sermons from Pastors Chuck Swindoll, John MacArthur, Adrian Rogers, Beth Moore, David Jeremiah, and many more at OnePlace. CFDb does not necessarily endorse any of the film distribution companies listed below. Scripture Distribution. Kundu has been qualified through ordination and is a Pastor at Mukwa Bible Revelation Ministry of Kenya, a church of 2,200.

Yet, multiplied millions in countries around the world have never heard about Jesus or have read God’s Word. Below are ministries which have free or low price Christian tracts. If you're looking for a large supply of Bibles for ministry distribution, consider one of these Bible societies. Recommendations with regard to restructuring the structure of ministries of government of India (a) The concept of a Ministry would have to be redefined. Text, MP3 and video lessons and sermons in 50 languages.

Preaching Gospel through Gospel tracts distribution, Jesus films tv shows, Jesus film projector show , Jesus Film Dvd's distribution, we had tution school for poor kids where we was providing study to the poor kids in free, and also we were supporting 3 missionaries, due to lack of funds we closed the school and was no more able to help those missionaries brothers in Christ. Free Bible Distribution. Imagine a place where people who live in extreme poverty can go and get God’s word absolutely free. , Bible Foundation collects and redistributes new and used English Bibles for spiritually hungry people around the world. At this point, the ministry was expanded to include conducting missions conferences in churches; sending Scriptures, Bible courses, and other literature to missionaries; and going overseas for evangelistic campaigns and Bible seminars.

Free Christian Resources to grow in your spiritual life and change lives of others! Download and use this PDF of Tamil One Year Bible Biblica is the translation sponsor of the New International Version Bible. The school was founded in 1983 by Dr. The congregation is also trained with practical discipleship tools designed for oral learners. Our vision is to obey Christ’s command to love our neighbors and be passionate about helping those in need. I will search for churches to participate in the printing and distribution of the Bibles.

Click here to go to Postal Courses . From isolated river settlements in the Amazon to the teeming streets of Asia’s largest cities, the power of the Gospel is transforming lives around the world. [Expired] Important:-Request only if you need this, please do not request just because this is free. India ranks number 2 in the list of countries by population. Charles Stanley.

Free Bible - how to get a free Bible very easy to obtain a free copy of the Bible free online Bible I am good person, or I go to Church, or I give to charity, or Little by little, the new church building takes shape. Bible commentaries and Bible study tools by Dr. During youth or gospel meetings either full Bibles or New Testaments are distributed to those who make a confession of faith. Director Kundu will be instrumental in establishing our NASA Sports Ministry in Kenya. Visit our site each day or download the calendar as a PDF file.

-A Free Christian Book Ministry To spread the gospel of the water ( Jesus' baptism ) and the Spirit that enables people to solve their problem of sin based on the pure Word of God revealed in the Bible, the New Life Mission has been translating and publishing free Christian books in various languages. It is good to send an offering for their tracts. For the first time, they have a safe place to meet and Bible study materials in their own language. A project called “Bible Voice” distributes thousands of audio Bibles in formats such as DVD’s, Micro SD Cards, MP3 Players and Compact Solar Devices. Paid graduates can go on to earn a biblical bachelors degree.

We do this for our website visitors because of the tremendous impact the Scriptures have made in our lives. Gospel Tract Distribution & Free Bible Distribution for the poor and needy Horeb Ministries has been reaching various communities in India through distribution of God's Word. " Some ministries only provide free tracts to missionaries, evangelists and church planters. First and Third Saturday of every month – 4:00 PM Listen to Christian radio ministry broadcasts and internet ministries streaming free online. “Without the Bible, world evangelization would not only be impossible, but actually inconceivable!” — John R.

Each ministry and charity has received a free ministry web page and free charity web page to publish and share information about their location, mission, and core objectives. Whether you are new to studying the Bible or are a seasoned Bible student, we have something for you! In keeping with our mission, we make our entire course library available to you. Bob Utley, these verse-by-verse, exegetical video, audio and printed commentaries are committed to the trustworthiness and authority of Scripture, emphasizing the intent of the original inspired author by means of their: 1. India Bible Literature, Bible Society in India and Gospel for Asia - Printing Tracts in Many Languages in India; KJV Tracts - Ministries that Print KJV tracts; Languages of the World in which Christians Tracts are Printed ; Low Price Christian Tracts or Christian Tracts for an Offering Know about all the Ministries of India from agriculture to steel & textiles. Our FREE online study makes learning the Bible easy but you also get.

Christian Alliance Ministries / NASA Sports, Kenya, East Africa: Our Director, Pastor Bernard N. While the Bibles are offered free of charge we do request a nominal donation to cover postage (varies Bible - Literature Distribution (+5) Swanand & Hazel Bansod We thank God for choosing us to be His useful vessels for His Kingdom serving Him through Leads Outreach Ministries at Nagpur, India. We believe the Word of God is the only solution for the problems today. 4 million books in 10 different Indian languages. ” Since God put me a burden in my heart, here we are to give out free bibles to people who are really interested to know about the Love of God and Truth.

The main vision of Emmanuel ministries in India is to help the poor Pastors. Redefine your Bible study with the online version of Life for Today, Andrew Wommack’s Bible commentary of the New Testament. As God continued to open unprecedented opportunities, BIEM shifted to a third, larger-scale, period of distribution. This College was established by Dr. Whether you are currently seeking God, just recently gave your life to God, or are wanting to be a leader, pastor or evangelist, the CRI Distribution locations provide the materials you need for your personal and congregational spiritual growth for free! There is no greater gift we can give a person than the opportunity to read the Bible in the privacy of their home.

Our Sunday School classes and Wednesday Patch the Pirate Club allow your children to learn the truth of God’s Word in a fun and exciting way. We are a team of Christians creating a visual journey through the Bible as a resource for teaching all ages – available for free download by anyone, anywhere at any time. along with a bakery to help feed orphans for free and provide jobs for church members. 1) NEXT - If your information is received you will be directed to the Free Bible Request Accepted Web Page Notifying you of your request being entered into our system and giving you information on your request. Learn More.

I've edited this based on information from The Bible League, Operation World and other sources in 2009. com - a - USBibleSociety. The prime vision for India Bible Literature from the day it was started in 1975 was to place a Bible in every home in India. Word of God Ministries. Typically, they offer reasonable pricing for bulk orders.

It's intended to help us pray more intelligently for our brothers and sisters. WRITE US. Traveling back from a November audio Bible distribution, we were on south India roads well after Almost every letter ended the same way: “Please send me a Bible and other Christian literature. All suffering believers around the world > Free Bible Commentary - Produced by the ministry of Dr. All of our ministries have an evangelistic nature to them, and they are all related to one another in some ways.

2) Please Give the Request 30 Days to Process. Laymen Ministries recently built a new television studio and training center in Chennai, India. Programs: Spread of the gospel of jesus christ in india by providing orphan support, discipleship training, bible distribution, food distribution, adn gospel evalgelism Agape Christian Mission is a Christian non-profit in southern India consisting of multiple ministries and outreach efforts. (Free postage too!) If you prefer, you can go to our Download Free Books page where most of these book titles are available for free to download in ePub, Mobi & PDF. Source of Light Ministries International's dynamic ministry of evangelism, discipleship, and church planting are carried on around the world through Bible studies in over 100 languages.

All of them are directly related to Global Ministries of the United Church of Christ and Christian Church (Disciples of Christ). W. The Free Bible Ministry Inc (FBM) grew out of the convictions of a number of Christians that they needed to address certain religious issues, believing that the touchstone of theology should always be that any concept should “speak well of God. * Distribution of Bibles, literature and sermons that are sent around the world with a total value of $227,350. D.

As the south-west monsoon has wreaked havoc in most parts central and south Kerala, Sathyam Ministries set up a relief camp at Kaviyoor near Justin’s Home and by God’s grace, we were able to provide the flood-affected victims with clean drinking water, food, hygiene products, and other basic necessities. We are a nonprofit faith ministry, Incorporated in Nigeria. children’s ministries Whether they be a Beginner (K4-5), a Primary (1st-3rd), or a Junior (4th-5th), our children’s programs provide practical Bible teaching for each age and stage. At our event organised at Prison. Today Bibles For The World is involved in many Scripture distribution projects around the world, mostly in collaboration with other ministries that provide the distribution channels where Bibles are scarce or unavailable.

Fulfilling the goal of Biblical education for the world for free requires Christians to cooperate with each other. In 1972, Dr. What began in 1908 as an Association of Christian businessmen placing Bibles in hotel rooms has evolved into an expanding mission to provide Scriptures to all people in nearly every facet of life. miles). Through the years, hundreds of thousands of people have been touched through Mercy Ministries, which include: I am a missionary volunteer in Kenya and we are looking for Bibles for distribution.

The cry for Bibles is great. This is the starting point for Harvesters and the discipleship model unlike any other. Candidates those who are preparing for all competitive exams can make use of it. This list may not reflect recent changes (). Since 1981 the ministry of Baptist International Evangelistic Ministries (BIEM) has been about helping churches fulfill the great commission through partnership with nationals.

— This is a list of Christian Film Distribution Companies! Disclaimer: CFDb does our best to research all companies listed below, but asks that you do research yourself before entering into any business agreements. The population density in India is 446 per Km2 (1,156 people per sq mile). Bibles are made in the regional languages of India and are shipped free of cost within India. Aside from Bibles, IBL also distributes Scripture materials and other Christian resources and training including literacy programs, children ministries and seminars and leadership training. Study the Bible with Christian internet ministry audio and radio shows online.

Bible Distribution. This, therefore, confirms that they are registered ministry in Nigeria. A high rate of illiteracy here makes effective Bible distribution more challenging. Duty-Free BIBLE DISTRIBUTION PROGRAM. Little by little, the new church building takes shape.

As a consequence of this exercise, it is expected that the number of Ministries in Government of India could be reduced from about 55 at present to about 20-25. Religious groups such as the Gideons are known for Bible distribution and leaving free copies in public locations such as motel rooms so many people can enjoy them. Come serve with our ACTION India workers who have well established ministries to Bible students, churches and villages. Light India Ministries (LIM) was started with a vision God gave to Paul G. Jayasudha Kapoor, MLA for Secunderabad.

Getting a free Bible is pretty simple these days. Free Christian Magazines The following is a list of the online Sabbath keeping groups that put out a FREE magazine in PRINT form , if you know of any others please let us know. All images are free for you to use in teaching. Master collection centers ship the surplus Bibles around the world or to ministries that do. …AND MUCH MORE Open air preaching ministries, church planting mentoring (Indian, Nepali, and Bhutanese believers), neighbor ministries, new Bible schools, youth conferences… LITERATURE DISTRIBUTION PROGRAM New Testaments and Gospel packets are in great Scripture Distribution Transforms Lives The Word of God is an integral part of all the ministries of Glad Tidings India and our indigenous partner because of Dr.

With these 7 suggested places to look, you can probably find one quickly. FreeBibleimages is a UK registered charity (1150890). 3) Check your Email for Status Updates. Christians are persecuted in a number of other countries not mentioned here. They are all independent and responsible for how the Bibles are distributed.

Outdoor sermon MISSION Bible Conferences. mailed over 800 Bibles and received over 400 thank-you notes. 32 % of the population is urban. Some have a policy of "All tracts free as the Lord provides. They will be free to print their churches’ names on the Bibles.

Bible distribution : We distribute bibles and other literature all throughout the state of Bihar. India Christian Bible College was started in Thengode, Cochin, Kerala, India in June 1984. A Ministry would mean a group Free Bible & USA Shipping: As a part of the work of Mission Del Rey, we give free gift Bibles to individuals who request them. One of them is no one can dispute he is a man of faith and vision. Free Online Christian Ministry Training - Sign Up at Christian Leaders Institute for free College level ministry training.

Disclaimer: Christian Walks does not necessarily endorse, in their entirety, all the agencies or organizations represented Place of Worship. Master collection centers need to be able to accept, protect, store, and transport loads of Bibles, even damaged ones. The Vacation Bible School is $10 per church member and those who are not church members can come for free or make a donation, if they like. All the images can be used for free! United Evangelical Christian Fellowship Church(UECF) is a Popular Indian Christian Website and a gateway to Bible resources like telugu, hindi, tamil & malayalam audio christan songs and daily devotions. Cherian.

Since its initial publication in 1978, the NIV has become one of the most trusted modern Bible translations in the world. For those looking for long term ministry positions. The total land area is 2,972,892 Km2 (1,147,839 sq. south india. In the U.

Without tools to grow their faith, new Christians become discouraged and may fall away—never reaching their community with the Good News of Jesus Chri -A Free Christian Book Ministry To spread the gospel of the water ( Jesus' baptism ) and the Spirit that enables people to solve their problem of sin based on the pure Word of God revealed in the Bible, the New Life Mission has been translating and publishing free Christian books in various languages. Families are broken and lacking peace all around. Visit! FREE Christian Books delivered to your door! We are very happy to offer these inspirational books to you for Free. 2. ” One church in the U.

Church service . Bob Utley, Professor of Bible Interpretation. It takes a total redefinition of the word “church”. Grace Ministries Orphan Kids Join one of the largest free bible college programs in the world. I am a missionary volunteer in Kenya and we are looking for Bibles for distribution.

The daily income of a poorest person in the rural & tribal India, is a maximum of 40 to 50 rupees (about One US Dollar) which he earn for his labour work. Our board members consist of the following: Steve Reinert -President, Wilfrid Michel –Secretary, Michael James –Treasurer. free bible distribution ministries in india

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